Genautics for marine commercial

The site Genautics expresses the will of Paolo Mumolo to gather in a single representation the main accomplishments of his company Tekno Sistemi.


Paolo Mumolo can boast twenty years of design work inspired by the will to create high precision instruments for the commercial and recreational boat industry that simplify life on board, improve handling and ergonomics, save fuel with the utmost care and respect for the environment. Tekno Sistemi coordinates highly qualified external resources – specialized in electronics, software, robotics, composite materials – to ensure the customization of complex and innovative projects.


The motor steering TSRC001 and the sailing steering are already installed on boats. All other instruments and systems shown on the Genautics web site have gone through and passed the initial project stage. They are currently waiting for a suitable application in their respective business fields. For more information please contact our marketing office:

Motor Steering

Motor Steering

The TSRC001 motor steering system is suitable for any type of vessel, making navigation more intuitive and creating a unique feeling of control over...