Motor Steering

Motor Steering
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The TSRC001 motor steering system is suitable for any type of vessel, making navigation more intuitive and creating a unique feeling of control over the boat.

The TSRC001 uses highly recyclable materials, optimized for use in hydraulic systems and therefore reducing the use of oil, eliminating the steering pump, tubing, replacing the hydraulic control unit with electromechanical controls. All of this reduces the footprint of boating, reducing consumption, maintenance costs and improving environmental impact.

It offers a feeling of complete command over the boat, during both maneuvering and navigation: improving intuitiveness and increasing maneuverability, Tekno Sistemi has succeeded in redefining the limits of the navigation experience.

The TSRC001 motor steering F1 system innovatively combines in an aircraft yoke looking with a refined and ergonomic design, all the boat’s navigation and control functions.